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CHRIS JUDD’S New Media 2.0

In this month’s episode of New Media 2.0, I sit down with the amazing Agnes Kozera, co-founder of Podcorn and FameBit - a digital marketing platform acquired by Google in 2016. Throughout the discussion we look at the challenges facing traditional media, the rise of podcasts and the potential for societal polarisation in niche media platforms.

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    Peter Tonagh 11.11.20
    Netflix’s recent documentary The Social Dilemma raises many questions about the major social media companies and the influence they exert on the world. In this month’s episode of New Media 2.0, I sit down with Peter Tonagh, Chairman of ACT Capital Partners - a fund focused on investing in new media opportunities. Throughout the conversation we call on Peter’s knowledge of the rapidly evolving social media industry as well as his extensive experience in the traditional world of media. He provides a “balanced” point of view on the issues society faces due to social media saturation and has a coherent point of view on what comes next for the tech giants. Listen
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