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Peter Cooper 13.02.20
CHRIS JUDD’S Masters of the Market

Chris sits down with one of Australia’s most highly regarded investors, Peter Cooper from Cooper Investors. His CI Brunswick Fund of which he is still charged with managing directly has returned investors an annualised gain of 16.79% since inception in 2004.

However, Peter’s influence across the Australian investing landscape is much greater than the single performance of any of the Cooper Investors funds. Countless successful fund managers have cut their teeth learning how to invest the “Cooper’s way" before going on to start high performing funds of their own, speaking volumes about the culture that Peter and his team have been able to create at CI.

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    Hamish Corlett 18.02.20
    This week on Masters of the Market, proudly presented by Honan (https://honan.com.au), Chris sits down with Hamish Corlett. Hamish is the founder of TDM Growth partners, an under the radar fund that has become a dream for all its stakeholders. The assets under management have grown from $1m to $1b today after taking on no institutional money. Returns for investors have been incredible. The evergreen capital structure and TDM’s time horizon has also meant companies TDM invest in have genuine long term capital partners and the staff working at TDM get to work in a world class environment for fund managers. TDM is living proof of the power that a clear values based vision can have when everyone buys in. Listen
    David Williams 27.02.20
    This week on Masters of the Market, Chris sits down with David Williams. While many investors in Australia may not have heard of David Williams, most would be well versed in some of the companies that he’s put together. By combining skills he’s developed through running boutique investment bank Kidder Williams along with his ability to see opportunities that others don’t, have led him to becoming one of the smartest investors in the country. Tune in to hear the full chat. Listen
    David Wright 05.03.20
    This week on Masters of the Market, Chris sits down with David Wright. David is a successful entrepreneur in the Australian finance industry founding Zenith Investment Partners. Zenith provide investment research to industry professionals on funds, meaning that few have the level of insight into what makes a great fund and a great investor than what David possesses. (Filming date 25.02.20). Listen
    Ben Griffiths 12.03.20
    In tonight’s episode of Masters of the Market we’re incredibly lucky to sit down with Ben Griffiths from Eley Griffiths Group. Ben has worked in markets since the 1987 crash and is uniquely placed to give invaluable insights into how to manage money through a crisis like we’re currently Listen
    Stephen Arnold 19.03.20
    In tonight’s Masters of the Market we sit down with Stephen Arnold from Aoris Investment Management and get an inside view of why Morningstar rated them Australia’s number 1 international value fund in 2019. Stephen is considered and clear in his thinking and has a skill in blocking out the outside noise or “stories” as he calls them that occupies the investment landscape. Listen
    Nick Griffin 16.04.20
    In tonight's episode of Masters of the Market Chris sits down with Nick Griffin from Munro Partners. Nick has long been admired for his ability to pick long term trends in the global economy. Munro’s Global Growth Fund has returned annualised returns since inception of 13.2% and has continued to perform strongly through the recent volatility. Listen
    Alex Waislitz 06.08.20
    This week on Masters of the Market we have one of Australia’s most successful investors, Alex Waislitz from Thorney Investment Group. Alex rose to investing fame with long term bets on companies like Monadelphous, Mesoblast and Webjet to name a few. Tune in to hear about some of the lessons he’s learned from a life investing. Listen
    Alex Saunders 13.08.20
    This week on Masters of the Market, proudly presented by AIA Health www.aia.com we’re joined by Alex Saunders, founder of Australia’s leading cryptocurrency news service Nugget’s News. Alex’s story from manager of a pharmacy to full time Crypto investor and entrepreneur is a fascinating tale that’s seen him see extreme highs and sharp falls in one of the most interesting and volatile asset classes. Listen
    Lindsay Partridge 20.08.20
    In this week’s episode of Masters of the Market, proudly presented by www.aia.com.au, we’re joined by Lindsay Partridge the CEO of Brickworks. Lindsay gives a unique perspective on the Australian economy, residential house prices, what needs to be done by the government to create more jobs post the current crisis, plus lots more. Listen
    Barry Carp 10.09.20
    In this episode of Masters of the Market, proudly presented by AIA Health (aia.com.au) we’re lucky to sit down with River Capital’s Barry Carp. Barry doesn’t do a lot of media and prefers to let his fund’s results do the talking. River Capital is renowned for its attention to detail, its high performing culture and ability to perform in lots of different market environments. There’s plenty of lessons here for investors of all levels of experience. Listen
    Matt Haupt 17.09.20
    Matt Haupt is this week’s guest for Masters of the Market, proudly presented by AIA Health (aia.com.au). Matt is the portfolio manager for the WAM Leaders LIC. His thinking on macro economics is highly regarded in the industry and we take the opportunity to grill him in detail on what he thinks about the biggest macro issues currently facing the markets. Listen
    Tom Lambeth 12.11.20
    Tom Lambeth is this week’s guest for Masters of the Market, proudly sponsored by AIA Health. Tom is a co-founder and portfolio manager at VP Capital. His stock picks and market insights have earned him a regular spot on the Talk Ya Book series and we take this opportunity to discuss the portfolio construction strategies of his fund. Listen
    Chris Joye 05.05.21
    Masters of the Market is back for 2021 and the first episode of the year is with CIO of Coolabah Capital and columnist for the AFR, Chris Joye. Tune in to hear the method behind Coolabah’s incredible success, what the future of the RBA’s role might look like and his concerns about future conflict with China. Proudly sponsored by AIA Health (http://aia.com.au​). Listen
    Vihari Ross 18.05.21
    This week on Masters of the Market we’re joined by Head of Research and Portfolio Manager, Vihari Ross from Magellan Financial Group. We get to hear about her actuarial background, Magellan’s Core International Fund and how she uses an “active stock scoring” system to pick and weight stocks. Listen
    Paul Wilson 15.06.21
    This week on Masters of the Market we’re joined by Co-founder and partner of Balidor Technology Investments, Paul Wilson. We get to hear his insights to the VC space, including some of his winners and DD red flags, as well as his views on the importance of investing inside your “circle of competence.” Proudly sponsored by AIA Health Listen
    Dean Fergie 15.06.21
    This week on Masters of the Market we’re joined by Director and Portfolio Manager of Cyan Investment Management, Dean Fergie. We get to hear his perspective on the importance of narrative in this market and the relevance of value investing into the future, as well as what excites him about the Aussie small cap space. Proudly sponsored by AIA Health. Listen
    Tim Johnston 15.06.21
    This week on Masters of the Market we’re joined by the Managing Director of Apollo Capital, Tim Johnston. We get to hear about his transition from traditional funds management to the crypto space, as well as the the incredible conviction needed to push past the crypto-crash of 2018 and their incredible success over the past 12-months. Proudly sponsored by AIA Health. Listen
    Matt Williams 15.06.21
    This week on Masters of the Market we’re joined by Portfolio Manager of Airlie Funds Management, Matt Williams. We get to hear his views on finding your investment niche, the importance of trading with conviction, and how founder-led businesses tend to outperform. Proudly sponsored by AIA Health. Listen
    Gerard Minack 06.08.21
    This week on Masters of the Market we’re joined by the founder of Minack Advisors, Gerard Minack. We get to hear some of his incredible insight on the future balance of fiscal and monetary policy, China’s recent crackdown on their own tech firms and what that tells us about their economic priorities, as well as his view on on the inflation v deflation debate. Listen
    Scott Williams 18.07.19
    In this episode I sit down with Scott Williams - a future star of the Australian funds management landscape. His hedge fund is only 1 year old and based out of WA. In this podcast Scott details the tactics he uses in analysing companies, his varied investing philosophies and much more. Listen
    Rob Frost 11.07.19
    Rob Frost is the Head of Investments at OC Funds management where he has successfully managed small and micro-cap Australian equities since 2001. In this podcast Rob explains why he only invests in companies in his area of expertise and details the importance of understanding the potential future cash flows of a business. Listen
    Ed Peter 04.07.19
    This week on the show I’m joined by Ed Peter from Duxton Asset Management. Ed has exposure to broadacre farms, water rights and other agricultural products making his point of view to the other fund managers I’ve caught up with. Listen out for Ed’s view on inflation, AI and the coming risks he sees facing the economy. Listen
    Todd Barlow 27.06.19
    This week features Todd Barlow - The CEO of Washington H. Soul Pattinson. Soul Patts is the second oldest listed company on the ASX, originally hitting the boards in 1903. Todd runs us through his investing philosophies, the importance of non-correlated assets and much more. Listen
    Andrew Chapman 20.06.19
    In this episode I head to Perth to catch up with the Managing Director of the Merchant Group Andrew Chapman. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Andrew walks us through his experiences in investing in biotech stocks, medical marijuana and other micro caps. Listen
    Mark Carnegie 11.06.19
    Mark Carnegie is the founder of M.H. Carnegie & Co - a Sydney based venture capital fund with 8 different platforms. In this episode we chat about his investment philosophy, how he’s investing and his views on the macro themes that impact all investors. Listen
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